It’s all about people.

What I learnt from my experience is that the best manager is always the one that brings out the potential of every player on the team.

His success is not what he is able to do on his own but the empowerment he gives to every team member to be successful in their individual endeavours as part of a collective effort.

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Meetings. Oh, meetings!

Ok, so everyday starts with a quick look at the agenda for the day. How many meetings? But most important, how many of them will actually lead to some substance? The more time passes the more I am becoming averse to meetings. Could be that I am developing an anti-social trait. But, considering that onContinue reading “Meetings. Oh, meetings!”

The Age of Doubt

Being a writer, doubt is something you learn to live with. I have come to believe that there are different ages of doubt. When I was still at the beginning of my writing career, eager to get published and high on the achievement of actually completing a piece, doubt wasn’t a nagging matter that keptContinue reading “The Age of Doubt”

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